PIR Motion Sensor for TLC-200

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Model No - Atm100

Sensor Dist - 4metres

Detect Angle - 90 degrees

Colour - grey

Waterproof - IP54

weight - 10g

dimensions - 34(W) x 56(H) x 23 (D) mm


Never miss a magical moment!

Adding the (ATM100) Motion Sensor to the TLC200 Time Lapse Camera will allow the camera to wake up automatically and begin taking photos. It will take photos for 10 seconds after waking. The photos are stored as an AVI for easy viewing later.

Being easily portable, it turns a TLC200 into a great security device, recording and watching while while you’re away from home.

Or maybe your goal is to capture photos of any tricky animal, or the birds you've been feeding in the garden? Adding this motion sensor makes it kids play!  


Price: £54.00 (including VAT)