batteries, power supplies and cables

All of the Brinno range offer fantastic battery life.  From the standard TLC200 to the MAC200 and our door viewer, battery life can range from 120 days to 14 months on standby.    We offer both like-for-like battery packs and enhanced range replacements for all the range.  Take a look at the battery t yes needed for each product here:-
In addition to this, all of the range can be externally powered by our plug top PSU.
If you want to use your TLC200 Pro as a web camera or just want to download the images from it, the data cables here are perfect.

V44 12,000 mAH Lithium Polymer Battery
Price: £138.00

Camdo V44 12,000 mAH Lithium Polymer Battery

A 44 watt hour battery to increase the operation time of your GoPro camera.

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15W battery
Price: £50.40

Camdo 15W battery

The standard GoPro camera battery will last for one or two hours ............. is this enough for you?
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Data Cable
Price: £10.80

Brinno UK Data Cable

Not all cables are created equal!
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External power supply
Price: £14.40

Brinno UK External power supply

External power supply for TLC range
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Pro Power Long Life Batteries
Price: £5.99

Panasonic Pro Power Long Life Batteries

4 x long life AA batteries...

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