The Brinno Range include integral conventional tripod mounts.  These are either mounted within the camera itself or inserted into the weatherproof case.  These fixing allow a wide range of site brackets to be used.  Each bracket has its own unique feature from small clamp brackets for short term use on secured sites to long reach fixed brackets for more secure installation.

Small Camera Bracket
Price: £18.00

Brinno Small Camera Bracket

Small Camera Bracket for TLC200 / TLC200 Pro 
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BCC100 camera bracket (AWM100)
Price: £14.40

brinno BCC100 camera bracket (AWM100)

This small low profile bracket is ideal for use with any vertical structure and is supplied with all fixings
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Large Camera Bracket
Price: £11.94

Brinno Large Camera Bracket

Large Camera Bracket for TLC200 / TLC200 Pro 

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Swivel Bracket
Price: £162.00

Camdo Swivel Bracket

The most robust site bracket out there.  Supplied with all fixings and swivel mount for easy installation

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Takeway T1 Clamp Bracket
Price: £59.94

Takeway Takeway T1 Clamp Bracket

The Takeway T1 bracket is an outstandingly well made example of camera support clamp.  Its operational flexibility allows it to support up to a 40Kg payload.     It is ideal  for temporary installations requiring a higher level of rigidity and stabilisation.     The clamp jaws ensure a solid fastening everytime.     
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Universal bracket
Price: £9.60

Routesafe Universal bracket

Universal Tripod Bracket
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