Camdo are a prime development partner for GoPro the worlds leading action camera supplier. Their range of Blink controllers detach the normal user interface from the GoPro 3, 3+, 4 and 4+ cameras making the camera very easy to use for longer term projects. The Camdo range also includes rugged enclosures and solar powered configurations.

UpBLINK GoPro Controller
Price: £474.00

Camdo UpBLINK GoPro Controller

The latest addition to the Camdo range, the UpBlink

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9W Solar Panel only
Price: £384.00

Camdo 9W Solar Panel only

CamDo Solar X 9 Watt Panel.

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15W battery
Price: £50.40

Camdo 15W battery

The standard GoPro camera battery will last for one or two hours ............. is this enough for you?
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Blink Controller for Hero 3 and 4
Price: £282.00

Camdo Blink Controller for Hero 3 and 4

Time lapse controller for GoPro HERO4 and HERO3+ Black. Turn your GoPro into a long-term time lapse camera capable of running for months. 
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Blink X Controller for Hero 5
Price: £318.00

Camdo Blink X Controller for Hero 5

Compatible with GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. If you liked Blink for HERO4, you'll love BlinkX for HERO5 with powerful improvements including lower power consumption, advanced date scheduling and more!
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Dry Enclosure
Price: £438.00

Camdo Dry Enclosure

Fully Rugged and weatherproof enclosure for the GoPro camera and Camdo controller package  (not supplied)
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SolarX - 9W Solar powered enclosure for GoPro cameras
Price: £876.00

Camdo SolarX - 9W Solar powered enclosure for GoPro cameras

Camdo 9W Solar powered camera enclosure - Rugged and long term operation
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Swivel Bracket
Price: £162.00

Camdo Swivel Bracket

The most robust site bracket out there.  Supplied with all fixings and swivel mount for easy installation

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