Camdo Accessories

Pimp Up your GoPro camera with the latest accessories from Camdo

9W Solar Panel only
Price: £384.00

Camdo 9W Solar Panel only

CamDo Solar X 9 Watt Panel.

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15W battery
Price: £50.40

Camdo 15W battery

The standard GoPro camera battery will last for one or two hours ............. is this enough for you?
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Dry Enclosure
Price: £438.00

Camdo Dry Enclosure

Fully Rugged and weatherproof enclosure for the GoPro camera and Camdo controller package  (not supplied)
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Swivel Bracket
Price: £162.00

Camdo Swivel Bracket

The most robust site bracket out there.  Supplied with all fixings and swivel mount for easy installation

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