ATH2000 long term deployment enclosure

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The ATH2000 is the piece of kit that people have been shouting for all this year. With capacity to house 16 AA batteries and accept a wide range of fixed or zoom lenses, the ATH2000 is perfect for all your long term projects.The ATH2000 multiplies the existing project time for all the TLC range of cameras. With the facility for either AA batteries or external power supplies, you can now get a deployment time of over 800 days with the TLC200 F/1.2 camera and up to135 days with the TLC200 pro camera. Additionally, the ATH2000 also accepts the new TLC130 camera and will push the deployment time up to 45 days with this HD camera. The enclosure has the facility to be used with small padlocks and has standard tripod fixings on both side and bottom faces for mounting. The internal slide tray can be fixed in a number of positions which allows different lenses and cameras to be used with this weatherproof enclosure.

Price: £163.00 (including VAT)