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Bring your business idea to the market

Routesafe Systems
A history of excellence

Routesafe Systems are a design lead business formed in 2008.  Since launch, we have been instrumental in designing and developing iconic final business solutions in both consumer and industrial sectors.


We are proud to work with the best designers, software developer and commercial retailers in the UK and Europe and offer this expertise to bring your idea to life.


Simply put, we take an idea and build a business around it either for a newly created team or for the originator of the idea.

The final business solution appraoch is totally stand alone at the end of the process and includes fully developed manufacturing, sales and support channels.

Where applicable, we develop both the physical and digital footprint for the business  alongside any reseller networks needed.

Previous Projects

our business creations are fully bespoke and the resultant shape and form of them varies greatly, here are some of the businesses we have created so far


Learian Streetbox

Working in colaboration with UCL, the Streetbox was the first indicative roadside pollution monitor to record traffic pollution reliably.  The business was developed over 5 years and sold to a UK market leader in 2005


Brinno UK

Brinno are the worlds biggest provider of OEM designs and timelapse products. The company asked for a UK presence in 2012 which resulted in sales of over £920k and the creation of an established network of resellers in both retail and digital spaces.


Excalibur Secure

Excalibur was the fisrt secure video wireless network module developed for central Government users.  The Business was developed over 6 years and sold to a leading UK security consultancy


Spotcam UK

Spotcam approached us in 2018 to help build their brand in the UK and Europe.   The Spotcam range was extended to include more UK specific products and services since this time and enjoys a strong digital sales presence in all its target markets

lollicam 2.jpg


Lollicam received great success in the field of road safety.  It was used by 50 UK councils to monitor and record traffic offences in the UK exclusively.  The product manufacturing rights were sole to Europe's biggest roadside equipment supplier in 2012

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Timelapse Store

The Timelapse store was created in 2019 to offer a comprehensive range of video products to both consumers and professionals.   The website remains one of the highest performing digital platforms in the video sector after its sale in 2022

Marlborough House

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Hartley Wintney


RG27 8NY

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