The TLC 200 Time Lapse Camera

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Easy, Simple, Everyone can create their own Time Lapse Videos!

The Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200 is an all-in-one solution for creating Time Lapse videos. Turn it on, set the time interval, frame your subject, record, then playback your time lapse video!

 No fancy equipment, no interval meter, no complicated gear setups, no external time-control, no video-making troubles...

Turn it on, let it record anything! Flowers blooming, Sunsets and sunrises, building Lego, painting artwork, firework party… make everything into a stunning HD time lapse video to show to all your friends and family!

Watch your time lapse creations anywhere – On PC, tablets, mobile phones, or even upload them to your YouTube channel!

Brinno Cameras operate on long-lasting batteries. 4 AA batteries last up to 4 months. You never need to worry about finding a power outlet!

Wire-free, tool-free, worry-free! No complicated power cord wiring to set up, no complicated video post-processing, easy to set-up, easy to use!


Price: £119.00 (including VAT)