TLC2000 & ATH2000 bundle

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This kit combines the brand new Brinno TLC2000 timelapse camera and the ATH2000 weatherproof case / additional  battery holder.

This kit combines the brand new TLC2000 time lapse camera and the ATH2000 weatherproof case / addition battery holder. If you’re going to use your TLC2000 outside you will need to have the ATH2000 case as the camera is not weatherproof out of the box.

This bundle includes:



The new, long awaited, 1080p Brinno time lapse camera is here! Compact in size, superb battery management, and versatile shooting modes, the 4th generation Brinno time lapse camera is simple and fun to use!

This neat, all in one, camera improves on Brinno’s previous cameras with improved HDR and 1080p capability for bright colours and high resolution footage. Incorporating a new, state-of-the-art, HDR sensor, you are guaranteed a great video and spectacular image quality in any level of light! The TLC2000 is incredibly flexible and offers several different recording modes to meet your various project demands. Choose from Time Lapse, Step Video, Stop Motion or Still Photo.


The ATH2000 has the capacity to house 16 AA batteries and accept a wide range of fixed or zoom lenses, the ATH200 is perfect for all your long term projects.The ATH2000 multiplies the existing project time for all the TLC range of cameras. With the facility for either AA batteries or external power supplies, you can now get a deployment time of over 120 days when used with the TLC2000

Price: £528.00 (including VAT)