TikeePRO2+ - 6K time lapse camera

1.7 kg Dimensions 21 × 18 × 7 cm Cameras

2 camera modules for panoramic photos
Image Sensors: Sony Exmor R 16 Mpx
Lenses: F2.8 wide angle lenses
HFOV: 149 °
Maximum resolution of the sensors: 16 Mpx
Full resolution image size (per sensor): 4608 x 3456
Size of the sensors: 1 / 2,3

Operating requirements

Designed for extended outdoor use (resistant to sand, snow, rain, etc.)
Rotating and tilting arm of solar panel made with anodized aluminum
Magnetic closure of the solar panel
Operating temperature: -10 / + 50 °C
Storage temperature: -25 / + 60 °C


microSD card (not included)
Up to 512 GB

Battery & Solar power

Built-in Li-Ion battery – 24000 mAh
Solar Panel: 4.1 Wp Monocrystalline
Totally self-contained, depending on installation condition and setup
Indicative data without solar input: for 1 photo every 15 minutes 24h / 24:
– with image upload: 20 days of autonomy
– without image upload: 60 days of autonomy


micro USB
5V / 1,5A max.

Wireless pictures upload to Enlaps web app.

Wifi or 4G LTE
Sent only in JPEG:
Resolution of left and right images sent to the web application: selectable from 3 dimensions (in pixels):
1. 2048 x 1536 per image, approx. 1 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 3280 x 1180)
2. 2664 x 1998 pixels per image, approx. 2.5 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 4260 x 1534)
3. 4608 x 3456 pixels per image, approx. 5MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 7360 x 2650)

Tikee settings with mobile app.

Bluetooth Low Energy
IOS and Android compatible mobile application
Smartphone Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1 and + – Android 5 and + – iOS 10 and +

Locking features

Metal insert for the passage of a padlock
Built-in GPS
Alerts by email in case of moving

Pictures format


Mounting system

Standard ¼ "camera screw


This is the flagship model that includes several important improvements for the professional videographer – higher resolution, bigger battery, more storage...


6K, stunning 220° panoramas of 7360 × 2650 pixels – choose from FHD, 4K and 6K modes.

Double capacity battery – 24.000mah Li-ion.

More storage – now takes up to 512Gb cards. Up to 64,000 images, or 15,000 DNGs

Embedded GPS location – never lose your camera with email alerts.

100% self-sufficient – Solar panel and battery

100% connected – Wifi & 4G

Fully weatherproof

Image uploads and automatic time lapse video creation on dedicated portal

App controlled – iOS and Android

Compact – 21 x 18 x 7 cm – 1.7kg

TikeePRO2+ - This is the flagship model that includes several important improvements for the professional videographer – higher resolution, bigger battery, more storage, GPS location, just to name a few. This camera really is the most complete solution for your time-lapse project needs.

Still just as light and compact as the standard model, you can quickly deploy it anywhere to capture professional panoramic images in fantastic 6K. It is also 100% self-sufficient thanks to its high efficiency solar panel and its even large capacity battery.

Using either local WIFI, or 4G sim card (not included), you can remotely check your footage is being uploaded to the dedicated server and web portal at any time. You can also schedule to receive daily emails on the status of your camera. These features take the worry out of long-term projects and will give you, and your customers, confidence in your ability to delivery fantastic results!

Choose from 3 modes: Event (short term), long term, or burst mode to take stunning images from the 2 Sony Exmor R CMOS 16 Mpx sensors. Each sensor takes a 4608x3456 image which can be uploaded to the web portal, Mytikee, to be safely stored and stitched together to automatically make a super wide 220° 7360 x 2650 video.

The Mytikee web portal allows you to create your time lapse movies in a few clicks. Add effects, pan&zooms, and more, to produce inspirational videos without the need for any extra software. You can also export the subset images to edit in your favourite editor, if you so wish. The Mytikee portal standard plan is free to all customers, but the Pro plan for £100/ year brings a host of additional professional features, including: Camera monitor dashboard, Image transfer to FTP server, Email notifications, Enhanced image gallery and video private link sharing, custom watermark.

Ideal applications include:

construction site monitoring

cultural events, entertainment, concerts, sport events

nature time lapses, landscape time lapses, travel time lapses, etc.

Traffic survey and ANPR

Price: £1,329.00 (including VAT)