Timelapse Project Kits

Sometimes its easier for us to put together the perfect kit for your project. if you need a little help choosing use this:- 

 • TLC200 Standard  120 days battery life, 70Kb image size, fixed lens and very simple to use
 • TLC200 Pro  45 days battery life, 200kb image size, interchangeable lenses and aimed at the professional user
 • Camdo:   Prime accessory to your existing GoPro camera, allows extended control and great battery life, up to 2 year projects 

 Here are our best sellers. If there is a bespoke kit you would like that is not shown here, please feel free to contact us

1080P TLC2000 & ATH1000 BUNDLE
Price: £399.00

Brinno 1080P TLC2000 & ATH1000 BUNDLE

TLC2000 time-lapse camera and the new waterproof ATH1000 case. If you’re going to use your TLC2000 camera outside, you will need this kit

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TLC2000 & ATH2000 bundle
Price: £528.00

Brinno TLC2000 & ATH2000 bundle

This kit combines the brand new Brinno TLC2000 timelapse camera and the ATH2000 weatherproof case / additional  battery holder.

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Professional Multi-Pack 4  (with T1 Clamp Brackets)
Price: £924.00

Brinno Professional Multi-Pack 4 (with T1 Clamp Brackets)

Professional pack with 4 full kits including Takeway T1 brackets
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